Deconstruction of Literature Matrix

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Deconstruction of Literature Matrix
Grand Canyon University
Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Deconstruction of Literature Matrix
This comparison matrix comprises three articles which focus on data analysis in social media marketing.

In “An Examination of the Factors Influencing Consumers' Attitudes Toward Social Media Marketing.?” Akar and Topcu point out that social media has become a phenomenon in marketing. (Akar and Topcu, 2011) Marketers are beginning to understand the use of social media as a component in their marketing and strategies and campaigns to reach out to customers. Promotions marketing intelligence, sentiment research, public relations, marketing communications, and product and customer management are marketing components that may utilize social media. Marketers are now realizing the benefits that social media has on the design and production of new and existing product and services. Each social media connection has an effect on marketing performance, so it is important to understand their associated importance and their interconnectedness.

Hoffman and Fodor on the other hand asked the question, “How can you tell whether social media is working?” The authors view is that managers should consider consumer motivations to use social media and then measure the social media investments customers make as they engage with the marketers’ brands. They explain their reasoning in detail and suggest some guidelines for better integrating social media into the overall marketing strategy.

In “Increasing the ROI of social media marketing,” Kumar and Mirchandani switches gears delving over the subject of ROI and social media and asking, “How can a company improve the ROI of its social media campaigns?” The talk about effective social media measurements turning away from just using the traditional ROI approach. “That is, instead of emphasizing their own marketing investments and calculating the returns in terms of...
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