The Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, United States Constitution, Affirmative action Pages: 6 (1194 words) Published: April 23, 2013
POLS 2202 - PAPER #1

Share information with your classmates by topic if you wish. Post your Topic Sentence/abbreviated Thesis for peer review.

Identify the main issues and answer the question posed.

Analyze the issues (for instance, the Constitution, which sections/Amendments apply... how does the SCOTUS interpret such).

Make a conclusion and a recommendation to solve the issues you identified.


Naturally you must cite sources... Please do not overly complicate this task.

For all students, the paper is due in the DROPBOX as assigned or it is late. The penalty for late work in 10% per day and no credit will be given three (3) days thereafter, so just get it done and turned in on time.

Save the document in word in either .doc or .docx format or I will not be able to open the document and you will not receive credit for the assignment.

Do not send the paper to me via email – use the DROPBOX.

The length is four (4) pages. Use your textbook and at least three other sources. Use 12 point - Times New Roman font. Citations should be made in the body of the work using MLA style.

Include a BIBLIOGRAPHY with your paper, do not submit it separately.

Please do not overly complicate this. See the Syllabus for deadlines, News for specifics and Content for Rubric and writing tips.

Feel free to ask questions/share research with your classmates who are writing under the same topic, just be careful that you do not copy their work.

It may help to draft an Abstract before you get deep into your writing. An abstract is a short summary of your completed research. If done well, it makes the reader want to learn more about your research.

You do not have to follow any specific format for the Abstract. Provide your Thesis, identify the main points of your analysis and tell us whether AA/death penalty/profiling, respectfully can and should be used in the United States.

List any questions you may have on the Discussion Board. Please read the assigned material and the syllabus BEFORE posting a question. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

Using case law and analytical reasoning, the student will explain what Affirmative Action means and determine which side should prevail in the Fisher v. University of Texas case that will be decided by the Supreme Court this term, telling the reader why. Finally, the writer should explain whether he/she believes race-based admissions programs should be used in US colleges.

In particular, please:

A. Define the term Affirmative Action (AA) and give a brief historical overview.

B. Can AA be used in public college admissions in the United States. As part of this answer please summarize the holdings in the Gratz and Grutter decisions and the 14th Amendment.

C. Identify and analyze at least two (2) reasons supporting the practice and at least two (2) reasons opposing the practice.

D. Which side should prevail in the Fisher case, stating why.

E. Should race-based admissions programs be used in US colleges.


Additional Information:

Overview -

Gratz/Grutter -

Fisher -
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