Death Penalty

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 7 (2910 words) Published: December 17, 2012
The Death Penalty
Informal Logic PHI103
Theresa Ramsey
February 13, 2012

Some people believe that the death penalty is wrong and some believe it is right. But how does anyone have the right to take someone else’s life. The death penalty is an issue that many people have talked about throughout many of years. Many people should be punished for the things they have done but I don’t think we should kill them we as the people shouldn’t have the right to take anyone life away. I believe in karma and what you do in the dark will come to light. Does the family really get justice and closure even if the person gets the death penalty? I think that the death penalty is applied fairly because if you do something wrong you get punished for it. But not only does the death penalties argue is it being applied fairly but another argument is do people agree or disagree. So before we can say is it being applied fairly I think we need to we need to agree if we should use the death penalty. Capital punishment has always attracted controversy because some people believe in it and some don’t. Some people agree with capital punishment because of what they believe in some people believe in what goes around comes around meaning if you kill a person what ever you punishment is that is what they deserve. I believe this because if you kill an instance person for no reason I have no remorse because no one deserves to be killed. Punishment can be seen as serving three purposes the first purpose is retribution means a punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved. The second purpose deterrence means a negative motivational influence. The third purpose reformation means the action or process of reforming an institution or practice. The death penalty can have no reformative purpose in terms of re-establishing “a good citizen.” A person can be a “good citizen” and still commit a crime due lack of work, depression or just don’t care anymore. The death penalty doesn’t choose sides if you are wrong and you killed someone then you get the death penalty. The federal laws providing for the death penalty have about 20 different crimes a person can commit in order to get the death penalty in which they all deal with murder in some type of ways. Some of the crimes are murder related to the smuggling of aliens, murder committed during a drug-related drive-by shooting, civil rights offense resulting in death, first degree murder. No matter in what kind of a crime you commit if you murder someone you can get the death penalty for murder. No one deserves to be murder whether they are good or bad no one deserves to die. I never understood how a person could kill a person it isn’t that bad to take someone else life. I understand that the economy is bad but that is life you learn to deal with things and keep it moving if you keep faith things will get better. About 63% support the death penalty when no other option is presented and the percentage went down from 80% to 63% seven years ago. This is a good option if you can’t find another option than yes use the death penalty but only if you can’t find another option in which the other option would be life in prison with no parole. In which many states should follow this option instead of just using the death penalty. 51% of Americans say they’d support allow replacing the death penalty with mandatory life. It may cost a lot to keep the prisoners but at least you will know that that is one less killer on the street. The Death Penalty Is……| Agree| Disagree|

Fair because killers can’t kill again| 72%| 27%|
Unfair because of mistaken executing| 68%| 30%|
Unfair because of jurisdictional differences| 63%| 31%|
Fair because it provides closure| 60%| 37%|
Unfair because of racial difference| 37%| 53%|

The table above was found on ABC News website and I thought this was quit interesting because now I get to see how some people are thinking. It seem...
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