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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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WRT 204: Popular Culture
Paper Three Assignment: Film Semiotics

For the Annotated Bibliography: Workshop Drafts Due: Monday, 3 December 2012 (I will keep a copy to review since I will not get a final copy until the paper is submitted.) Final Drafts Due: with the paper.

Requirements: No more than 3 Pages/Typed/Double-spaced/ Proofread/Style of your choice. One substantial paragraph with 4-6 sources (each source should have a paragraph of annotation) for this stage. You should have two more sources for the final draft.

During the final section of this course, we are focusing on the ways in which popular films reflect important themes, issues, and desires in contemporary American popular culture. For paper three, you will perform a semiotic reading of a contemporary film. In order to identify the film’s cultural messages, your analysis will focus on the film’s themes, archetypes, and myths. You will use your findings to support your argument about why the film became popular and what the film’s popularity says about American popular culture.

In order to complete this assignment correctly, you will need to do the following: ✓ Choose a film that has been popular within the past 2-5 years. If you are having difficulty finding a film, consider consulting the following lists: Highest Grossing Films, Academy Award Winners, Sleeper Hits, etc., on the internet. ✓ For the Annotated Bibliography: In your abstract, explain why you have chosen this film and what you expect to find out about the film during the research process. If you want to write about an older film, or cult classic, explain in your abstract why you chose this film instead of a contemporary film. ✓ For the Annotated Bibliography: Pick 6-8 sources to use in your paper. You may consider using the following: appropriate articles (no more than two) from Maasik/Solomon (ones that we have read and others that may fit your particular film), film reviews from...
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