The Day When Everything Went Right

Topics: Denmark, Recruitment, Employment contract Pages: 20 (5209 words) Published: March 8, 2012
AR1 Application form
Application for residence and work permit on the grounds of salaried work Uses This form is to be used when applying for a Danish residence and work permit on the grounds of salaried work, including jobs under the Positive List, the Pay Limit scheme, or if the applicant is going to be trainee. Furthermore the form can be used if the applicant is a commuter, i.e. he/she is to work in Denmark but live outside Denmark, or if the applicant has a firm connection to the Danish work market but his/her residence permit has been revoked. This form cannot be used if the applicant is a researcher at a research institute or is applying for a corporate residence permit. For more information about the different schemes and the relevant application forms, please visit When applying for a residence and work permit, both the employer and the applicant (the employee) must fill out separate parts of this form and attach the required documentation. How to apply 1. The employer completes part 2 (section 10-15) of this form and signs in section 17 (following the instructions given) 2. The employer attaches the required documentation (see below) 3. Once the employer has completed part 2, the employer forwards the whole form with the attached documentation to the applicant (the employee) 4. The applicant (the employee) completes part 1 (section 1-7) of this form and signs in section 9 (following the instructions given) 5. The applicant attaches the required documentation (see below) 6. The applicant submits the application (part 1 and 2 including required documents) at a Danish diplomatic mission in his/her country of residence. If the applicant is a legal resident of Denmark, the application may be submitted at the Service Centre of the Immigration Service. If the applicant lives outside the Greater Copenhagen area, he/she can also submit the application at the local police station Which documents are required? The applicant should attach the following documents: Copy of passport (all pages including front page) Two passport photos (one photo attached to the personal data card in appendix 1) Employment contracts which contains information about wage and terms of employment and job description (not more than 30 days old). The Danish Immigration Service recommends that standard contracts from the relevant industry be used Documentation for educational background (copy in an authorized Danish or English translation) Documentation for authorization (only if the job requires Danish authorization). Read more about authorization at Additional documents. Specified in the instructions given If the applicant will be performing normal paid employment in the regular employment market (e.g. as a farm hand, animal husbandry assistant, chef etc.) then the employer is requested to enclose: A declaration including certification from the local employment office (Jobcenter) that the employer has sought to fill the position with someone from Denmark or the EU (appendix 2) (in Danish only) If the applicant's is going to work as a trainee, the employer must provide: A description of the training program If the applicant is to work in Denmark as an athlete or a coach, the employer must attach: Advance statement from athletic association. The form can be downloaded from (in Danish only) To get the quickest response You can get the quickest possible response to your application if the application forms are completed correctly and the necessary documents are enclosed. Therefore, it is very important that both the employer and the applicant carefully complete the form and remember to enclose all the necessary documentation. Does the applicant need other documents when submitting the application? Yes. The applicant must present his/her passport so the authorities can verify his/her identity. Does it cost anything to submit an application? Yes, if the applicant submits...
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