The Day I Broke My Leg

Topics: Femur, Bone fracture, Patella Pages: 2 (1028 words) Published: October 17, 2010
One moment I was running, running fast, quickly, aggressively. The next moment I’m on the ground crying holding my leg. It happened so fast I didn’t know one movement from the next. After a while I notice I’m on the bench with an ice bag on my knee, while watching my team lose to a great team. After the game I went to the mall able to walk again. The next day I played again, thinking it was nothing but a bruise. It’s spring break 2 weeks after the blow to my knee. Just yesterday I got hit again right in the same spot. But unlike last time I wasn’t able to walk, so I just began to limp. My mom didn’t believe me that it was that bad, that got me pretty upset. Now it’s Saturday and my leg isn’t bothering me anymore, thank goodness. It’s a grey day and my dad’s ripping out our disgusting Juniper bushes out back with a 3 other guys, I think he’s having a good time, which is good. Now it’s the first Monday of Spring Break, and I have a soccer camp. A storm just passed it was one of those that made that slightest shiver go down your back. But like any other storm in Pullman, WA it passed in about six to seven minutes. The training is in Moscow, ID, and oh great … I’m the only girl. Right now we just got done juggling with the ball, my knee started to hurt but I couldn’t do anything about it. Now we just ran around doing sharp cuts. But that’s not the only sharp thing that was going on. My knee was sending sharp pains shooting through my leg all the way to my knee and it just circulated around my knee. It was quite annoying. Practice just got over. It got really cold, but I pulled through. I told my dad on the ride home that my knee was bothering me so we went and got a knee brace. We got home just now and at this moment I’m pouring a glass of hot coca and I’m off to read a good book. The next two days the knee brace didn’t help at all, if anything it made it worse. I told the coach on Tuesday, and he told me to try to push through it. Then on Wednesday I didn’t play...
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