The Day When It Rained

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  • Published : September 11, 2012
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The day when it rained
The sound of the rain tapping my rooftop woke me up. I looked outside the glass window blurred by rain droplets and the sky looked really gloomy. I sat up and yawned. It was 8 sharp. I stood up and dragged myself to the washroom. The reflection in the mirror made me giggled. My hair looked like as if I just got electrocuted. I turned on the tap and splashed the water on my face. The coldness of the water sent chill down my spine. After I spent some time grooming myself, the next thing that popped up in my mind is food. I climbed down the stairs and headed to the dry kitchen. A striking yellow colour of note stuck on the refrigerator caught my attention. The wordings on the note went like this: “Help yourself with some sushi and the pizza I bought last night. Remember to do the laundry. We are paying a visit to Aunt May whom just gave birth. Mum.” “Great, they went out again.” I whispered to myself, feeling a little disappointed. It was raining cats and dogs. The chilly wind that blew into made me shivered. I rushed to the windows and shut them. I went back to my kitchen and heated the pizza with the microwave. When the beep sounded, I sat on the chair and started munching. I was enjoying my meal when the doorbell rang. My neck craned to see who it was. I got up immediately and dashed to my front door. A dark blue umbrella was seen. The heavy downpour blurred my vision and I had to squint. Hey, wait a minute. That’s Patrick. I opened the gate and Patrick rushed inside. He stood by the doorway, panting. Water could be seen dripping from his clothes. “Come on in. I will get you a towel to dry yourself.” I said, in a rush. Patrick smiled apologetically and entered. I went back to the kitchen to make Patrick a hot cup of tea. Doubts filled my mind. He appeared out of the blue and that perplexed me. “I thought he was mad with me?” I questioned myself, feeling puzzled. The hot cup of tea was served at that instance to Patrick. Patrick was...
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