The Criminal Justice System & Victimization

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The Criminal Justice System & Victimization

Roles in the court system are reasons for the criminal justice system. Criminals, the victims who endure crimes are the reasons as to why there are prosecutors and defense attorneys in the criminal justice system. In this paper, the role of each party going before the court will be on display. All roles have a sentencing goal and could result in relying on alternative sanctions for the criminals whom commits a crime. For the parties involved there is also rights regarding the victims; including the prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Prosecutors in the criminal justice systems have an extremely important profession. As court officials, they are to initiate the civil proceedings against the defendants in representing the best interest of the state and government. Presenting the matter to the court and prosecuting for the unlawful behavior in resolution to bring the criminal to justice. It is the prosecutions position to present all evidence to the court that police and investigators apprehend in order to prosecute the defendant. This process can entail using witnesses and victims whom were a part of the crime to present their victim-impact statement that states events when the crime took place.

All criminal acts are entitled to counsel in who the defense attorneys’ court role is to defend the defendant being charged of a criminal act. This title allows the defense to proceed with facts as to why the defendant is not guilty or if the crime was in fact committed by the defendant what excuse or justification occurred for the crime to take place. The counselor does interview witnesses on behalf of the defendant as character witnesses in defense for the individual before the court or may also present a sentencing memorandum from the defendant. The memorandum states events that led up to the criminal act that is submitted by the defendant and can be included along with the victim-impact statement. `...
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