The Correlation Between Personal Responsibility and College Success

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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The correlation between personal responsibility and college success Roland Miner
November 30, 2012
Sara Martin

The correlation between personal responsibility and college success Even though some may say there is no direct correlation between personal responsibility and college success, the relationship with how responsible you are and how that affects your college success becomes evident with higher Grade Point Averages and overall pride in your work. With these tools, high GPA, intrinsic motivation, and self-efficacy, you receive during your college years there is evidence of achieving greater success after graduation. Another vital tool that will be explored, that is not being taught but comes naturally to some students, is emotional intelligence or common sense. The relationship between how responsible you are and your college success is apparent in many ways. A good strategy is to follow the syllabus and set up a game plan or schedule. Following an agenda will help you spread out your work load over the week, it will show that you are on the right track and is a great indicator of how responsible you are. One of the worst traits that many people possess is procrastination. According to “California Polytechnic State University, Cal Poly Academic Skill Center” (n.d.) “The procrastinator is often remarkably optimistic about his ability to complete a task on a tight deadline; this is usually accompanied by expressions of reassurance that everything is under control. (Therefore there is no need to start.)” “At some point, he crosses over an imaginary starting time and suddenly realizes, “Oh no! – I am not in control! There isn’t enough time!” (Characteristics) The University states, later in their paper, the benefits of overcoming procrastination “Peace of mind, a feeling of strength and purpose, and healthy feeling of being in charge of your life. While procrastination makes you feel week, useless, and helpless, taking charge of your life will...
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