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Isolationism in Education

To some people’s perspective, the Southern United States is an engaging and culturally vibrant region that is distinct from the rest of the nation. George Packer stated in his article, Southern Discomfort, that “Solidity has always been the South’s strength”, which is part of the reason why the South is so distinct (Packer 2). In the article, Packer identifies the South as “the next thing to being a nation within a nation”, emphasizing that the South is a region nearly different from the rest of the nation (Packer 1). The article also mentions how the South is growing more isolated from the United States because of its distinctiveness and adherence to old traditions. There is a huge problem in the situation present and it is not the South’s rigidness to its beliefs: as the South continues to grow more isolated from the rest of the nation, the nation, in some aspects, becomes more separated from the South. This isolation is crippling the South, especially education. The effectiveness of Southern education will continue to decrease as the South and the rest of the nation, especially the North, continues to separate. This predicament puts students in the South at a disadvantage in school and workplace, making it needlessly more difficult for them as they start their careers. The Southern United States has always had education issues compared to the rest of the nation. In the 1800s, one major reason African American families left the South for the North, besides slavery, was so that the children could receive better and more effective teaching. At the time, the South’s views on education were much different from the North’s views. As a result, The North outclassed the South in raising scholars with better equipment, a more structured environment, and a greater focus on education. It was not until after the Civil War, the South started to place a greater emphasis on education. However, by the time South was starting to get up to speed,...
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