The Concept of Anticipation Guides

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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Anticipation guides are used in help students improve their comprehension and fluency. This technique is great ways to have students access their prior knowledge (Baldwin, Peleg-Bruckner, & McClinton, 1985: Lipson, 1984; Pearson, Hansen, & Gordon, 1989). Anticipation guides can also be used for controversial ideas, important points, misperceptions or conceptions. After some further research on anticipation guides, I found that they were developed in 198 by J. E. Readence as a way to engage reading with text before, during, and after their reading. There are two types of categories of anticipation guides. Teachers will pose statements and as the student do their reading they think about them.( Teachers can use an anticipation guide prior to a lesson to have the students make predictions, or see how they react by asking a series of statements. This strategy can help them in when they encounter conflicts or misconceptions during their reading. Anticipation guides should be used before during and after reading and can be used individually, small group, or with the whole class. Prior to reading students can make predictions about what the story is about, make assumptions about what is going to happen, or anticipate the text. They will be making connections to new information and curiosity all while using their prior knowledge. Anticipation guides are also sometimes called Prediction guides. Steps on getting started when using an anticipation guide include selecting a topic and or subject, identifying the concepts of the topic, reflections on beliefs or experiences, creating statements to challenge the students prior knowledge, having the students create their own, or handing a copy of a teacher made guide, have students read or listen to information being presented, have students look at prior responses and make corrections, and discuss new learning after reading is complete. I didn’t realize all the things that can...
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