Vocabulary Development

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RUNNING HEAD: Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary Development
Islah Dillard-Mostafa
August 17, 2012
Grand Canyon University

Vocabulary Development
Knowing vocabulary is essential to reading and comprehending what was read. It is very important that teachers foster students development of a large “word bank” and use vocabulary learning strategies that are effective. I developed a chart that list several effective explicit and implicit strategies that teachers can use with teaching reading and vocabulary to any grade level. VocabularyTeachingStrategies| InformalAssessment| DifferentiateInstruction| Pre-teaching Vocabulary Words Prior to students receiving a passage to read, review unfamiliar words used in the reading. (Thornbury)| After reviewing words in the text that are unfamiliar to the student The student will be given a list of words to define using the reading. | After students have read he passage place students into groups to reread the passage if necessary and discuss the reading. | Repeated Exposure to WordsThe more times a student is exposed to a word, the stronger their understanding becomes. | Students will be given a list of words to put into sentences. | Students will be allowed to work in pairs to make sentences.| Keyword MethodThe teacher gives students a “word clue” to help them understand it. This “word clue” or keyword might be a part of the definition, an illustrative example or an image that the reader connects to the word to make it easier to remember the meaning when reading it in context. (Reading Rockets)| Student will be given a list of vocabulary words and ask to break the word down and circle the prefix of each word. | Make flash cards with the picture of the word on one side and the breakdown of the word on the back. For example: biweekly (bi-meaning two) so therefore the word means every two weeks. (Reading Rockets) | Word MapScaffolding on what a child already knows. Place the vocabulary word...
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