The Colour Out of Space

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  • Published : July 13, 2011
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The Colour Out of Space
The idea that human beings are insignificant in the grander scheme of the universe and that we are nothing more than mere pawns in a game played by greater beings might be true however, I don’t agree with it.

Yes, human beings might be in the bottom one percent if you compare all the things in the universe according to mass, however, it doesn’t mean that we are insignificant. Humans, even if thousand times smaller than mountains can actually think, feel and act on its environment. We may be small but we can think and build things for us to survive. Until we have proof that there are really intelligent extraterrestrials that exist, I believe that we are the most significant thing in this universe. We do suffer from what nature wants us to experience (e.g. typhoons, flood) however we are the only ones in this universe who can do something to cope up with these events; this what makes us significant.

As a Christian, I was taught that there is only one higher being to everything and that is God. I don’t think that there are other higher beings that control every decision, every action, and even every emotion that I have. From what I believe in, God has a plan for us all but it doesn’t mean that He controls every move that we make. He gave us free will to decide on what we want to do with our lives.

For me, I think that the answer to the question is dependent on the person’s belief. Significance or insignificance in this universe matters to those who bother to label the significance of something. But in my opinion, human beings are significant in this universe even if we are not that large in mass because we can think, feel and do whatever we want freely in accordance with the will of God.
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