The City of Ember

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  • Published : January 2, 2011
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Main Characters

Lina- main character of the story, portrays significance in her role as one of the main personality in discovering the mystery of the “City of Ember”, and lead the story in an act of escape from the underworld with her friend doon.

Doon-plays another major character in the story, whereas, he and his friendship as messenger with the people of the city of ember, lead to discovering clues in which he himself was surprised to discover the mystery behind the 200 plus years old underground city.

Other Characters

7th Mayor- significantly acted to be guilty in leading the story into its plot scenic as chaotic, near destruction scenario; connived with Looper in saving food and supplies for themselves; Characterized as to linked with the box of clues transferred from one generation to another and depicted to have open it to discover the message on how to escape from underground. Ms.Murdo- live with Lina and her sister, her character is linked to the story as the one who received the message of LIna on how to get up from the underground.

Plot Summary

The Builders of Ember, fearing an apocalyptic event, built the city to ensure that humans would continue to exist. Later we discover that the Builders planned that future generations would "grow up with no knowledge of a world outside, so that they (would) feel no sorrow for what they have lost." The city was designed to last no longer than 220 years, at the conclusion of which the citizens of Ember were to receive instructions contained in a time-locked box held by the mayor that described how to leave the city. However, over the course of 241 years, the box has popped open and been mislaid.

The people of Ember have no knowledge of what lies beyond their electric flood lamps. Most believe that Ember is the only light in a dark world. Many fear that despite their relentless recycling efforts the city of Ember is slowly dying. When the antiquated generator begins to plunge the entire city...
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