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In “For Mataji”, there are 2 different settings. One of the settings is the school she went to, and the apartment she lived in as a child. These two places were told in the story as memories. The other setting was more –so the present day. She talks about how her grandmother was currently in the hospital dying, while she recounts old memories of her grandmother waiting for her at school when she was little. There is a feeling of nostalgia recounting the old memories of her grandmother, she remembers the loss and abandonement she felt from her grandmother when she stopped coming to her school, and she feels it again when her grandmother passes. Throughout the story there were two main characters; the narrator (assumed Granddaughter), and Mataji the Grandmother. Both characters would be best described as “dynamic”, as they both have many personality traits, ranging from good to bad throughout the story. As the story itself follows two plots being present and past, similarities were noticed between the Granddaughter and Mataji’s actions. Proving the strong relationship between the Granddaughter and Mataji. Granddaughter makes marks on the wall, with crayon set.| Mataji was eager to write, so she would copy letters from Billboards, in India| Mataji not allowed to wait inside school for Granddaughter| Mataji was not allowed to go to school | Phone was ringing, Granddaughter realizes Mataji was gone. (passed away)| Bell ringing in school, Granddaughter then realizes Mataji was gone| Granddaughter comforts Mataji in hospital, “My hand rubbing hers” | Mataji comforts her Granddaughter in school “She rubbed my head with her hand”|

The Granddaughter and Mataji(Grandmother) have a very unique and special relationship. They are very similar in some ways. Below are a few character traits they share; * Stubborn
* Determined
* Caring
* Strong

Theme: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone
* The girl in the story (assumed...
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