The Changing Role of the Corporate Hr Function in Global Organizations of the Twenty-First Century

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The International Journal of Human Resource Management
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The changing role of the corporate HR function in global organizations of the twenty-first century Milorad M. Novicevic & Michael Harvey Available online: 09 Dec 2010

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Int. J. of Human Resource Management 12:8 December 2001 1251–1268

The changing role of the corporate HR function in global organizations of the twenty- rst century

Milorad M. Novicevic and Michael Harvey
Downloaded by [INASP - Pakistan (PERI)] at 11:23 16 March 2012 Abstract The primary focus of this paper is to examine how the increased demand for global corporate strategic consistency and exibility rede nes the roles of the corporate human resource function and its venues of in uence. In particular, we analyse possible causal linkages among strategic international HR management, strategic leadership of corporate top management team (i.e. TMT), and alternative global assignment options. As globalization signi cantly changes not only the operating boundaries but also the symbolic context of the global organization, we argue that corporate HR function can play more in uential roles in global organizations than it has in the past. Keywords Global strategic human resource management; strategic perspective in corporate HR issues; inpatriation; political aspects of SGHRM

Introduction The globalization of business activities in multinational corporations (MNCs) has created an increased pressure to link international human resource management (i.e. IHRM) policies and practices with the rm-level outcomes (Chadwick and Cappelli, 1999). The increasing demands for modi cation of control and co-ordination mechanisms in global organizations have distinctly imposed a commensurate need for structural changes within the headquarters human resource function of the MNCs (Roth and Ricks, 1994). Therefore, the focal point of the corporate human resource (i.e. HR) function in global organizations appears to be moving toward the need to design a supporting infrastructure for managers to manage competently the complex and competing demands for network co-ordination (i.e. consistency and ef ciency) and differentiated responsiveness (i.e. exibility and effectiveness) in global markets (Harvey et al., 1999a). In addition, as these structural changes also entail heightened decentralization of global operations, the...
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