The Chain of Command Concept

Topics: Decision making, Customer service Pages: 4 (1636 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Chapter Eight
(Organizing Principles)
Application Case:
“Merlin Needs a Magician”
1)For each of the four situations noted, what organizational concepts apply? Identify the concept and explain the related problem. -Two welders, unable to get a decision from their supervisor, requested time off. One welder had a dentist appointment and the other needed to leave early to pick up an anniversary present. The “Chain of Command” concept relates to this problem because the “Chain of Command” carries orderly progressions up and down the chain for both decision making and communication to occur, in this particular situation it is a concern and problem because the line is clearly broken (within the “Chain of Command”) (hierarchy) not allowing for the proper formal decision making process and communication to occur. -A review of the previous day’s shipping log revealed that nothing had been shipped. The reason: a customer had called about a bottom bracket --- the place where the bicycle pedals attach--- which made the customer’s $4,000.00 bike useless. The customer service department had the authority to stop everything to solve the customer’s problem. In this case, it meant turning off the final threading machine for a day, which brought the shipments to a halt. The “Line and Staff” concept would apply the most in this situation because it relates directly with the organizational process to the “staff” department communicating to the “line” (production) department (through advice, service, assistance) instead of the “staff” and “line” working as its own entity so to speak and causing an organization to fail their main objectives. -After little discussion, Korenblat made a decision to redesign the brakes on road bikes, assuming it would be less expensive. Shortly after the first production run began, the person in charge of purchasing insisted on rehashing the decision. It turned out that the new design would lead to a series of new expenses--- adding up to more...
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