The Causes of Wwi

Topics: World War I, World War II, British Empire Pages: 4 (1550 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The long-term causes
1. Colonial rivalry-competition for even bigger empires
2. Balkan nationalisim-the desire of the Slav peoples of this area to join those in the empire of Austria-Hungary 3. The arms race-competition for bigger armed forces and more armaments 4. The Anglo-German Naval Race

5. Kaiser Wilhelm II and German militarism
6. Alliance system-The Tripple Alliance and the Triple Entente The immediate cause of the war
1. The assassination of Franz-Ferdinand
2. Russia’s backing Serbia made war more likely
3. German backing for Austria was crucially important

Colonial rivalry-competition for even bigger empires
Competition between the Great Powers in Europe to gain colonies plays an important role in causing the WWI. By the beginning of the twentieth century, many great powers in Europe has built up their empires by holding colonies or ares. This is known as imperialism and as means when a country takes over new lands or countries and makes them subject to their rule. Many countries such as the British Empire were at the peak of their industrial revolution and their developments of industries were huge. When industrialism occurs, countries need foreign markets to sell their increase in goods. Great Britain had the the largest number of colonies in the world so that King George V was also the Emperor of India and ruler of many other lands overseas. The great Empire took up nearly a quarter of the world’s land surface with 390 million of population of the colonies in 1914.And also France has the second largest empire in the world with colonies in Africa, the Far East and Indo-China. Those large number of colonies improved Britain’s and France’s dominance over the Europe and made them powerful and influential. The Germans were left with some small and commercially marginal colonies. There was a great deal of jealousy in Germany in regard to the British and French empires. The King of Germany , Kaiser Wilhem envied the mighty Britain Empire .He...
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