The Cask of Amontillado

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Analytical Essay
Fate plays a huge roll in people’s lives. It occurs in our lives through our own self image, personality, and the way we act towards each other.  No one lives a life without a purpose; where everything happens as a coincidence. In “The Cask of Amontillado”, it was Fortunato’s fate that led him to be locked up and killed by Montresor. Fortunato was every wine taster’s rival. He was the best in town. This made him an easy target for competitors. Also, his passion for wine, especially sherry wine, made him commit bad choices. All he thought about was being able to taste the wine. Fortunato being such a person, it was his fate to be preyed on by his rivals. Another example of fate is in “The Liberation of Rome”. It was Amy’s fate to end up being Mr. Radlisch’s student. She was destined to have him as a teacher. Having a teacher like Mr. Radlisch who teaches false information about her family leads her to learn more about her self-identity. It also provokes her anger and passion for her ancestors. It then leads her to quitting Mr. Radlisch’s history class to continue being a vandal. It was also Mr. Radlisch’s fate to have Amy as his student. If it wasn’t for her, Mr. Radlisch wouldn’t have realized that what he was teaching was completely wrong. He wouldn’t have thought more deeply about the students he teaches every day. This was all because of Amy. Everything that happened between Amy and Mr. Radlisch had a purpose. Fate always has a purpose. In conclusion, fate plays a huge roll in people’s lives, whether good or bad.

By: Crystal L.
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