The British Press

Topics: Broadsheet, Newspaper, Newspapers published in the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: January 22, 2011
The British press
The press is a mirror of current events. This proves to be true when you look through any newspaper. There are a lot of photos, articles, short and long, that inform readers of the latest events.

It has been claimed that the British read more newspapers than any other people throughout the United Kingdom.
All British papers can be classified as either “quality” or “popular” papers. A “quality” paper is a serious national paper that aims at the educated reader. The best known British newspapers which give serious coverage of the news and comment are “The Times”, “The Guardian”, “The Financial Times” and “The Independent”. They contain information on home and foreign affairs, serious editorials, art and literary reviews. They provide up-to-date financial information and professional advertizing.

Some newspapers have colour supplement, with many photographs and advertisements. A popular paper is a newspaper that is designed for the undemanding reader. Such papers have brief and direct news reports and a large number of photographs. Much attention is given to personal stories. Especially when they mention a figure in the public eye, such as a member of a royal family, a political figure or a film star. The style of English in these newspapers is often conversational with much use of slang, catchy headlines. Among these newspapers are “The Daily Express”, “The Daily Mirror”, “The Star”. In addition to national daily newspapers there are nine national papers published on Sundays. Several of them include coloured magazines. Stylistic devices and expressive means
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