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The Bra Boys is an Australian gang founded and based in Maroubra, an eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales. Dating back to the 1990s, the gang has gained notoriety through violent clashes with members of the public and police. The gang achieved national and international attention in 2007[1] with the release of a feature-length documentary entitled Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water, written and directed by members of the gang. Contents

1 Origins
2 Notoriety and violence
2.1 Criminal matters
2.2 General community activism
2.3 Art imitating life
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The Bra Boys are held together by surfing as well as community ties.[2] The group is often linked with the Maroubra Surfers Association, with which a number of its members are associated.[citation needed] In an interview on Triple J radio, Koby Abberton pointed out the "Bra" is a reference to the gang's suburb, Maroubra,[3] and partly after the street slang for brother.[1] Some members of the gang tattoo "My Brother's Keeper" across the front of their chest,[4] "Bra Boys" and Maroubra's postcode "2035" on their backs.[citation needed]

With a reputation of being territorial,[1] the group is known to have taken control of a Sydney reef break, known as 'Cape Solander', located in Kurnell, and renaming the break 'Ours'. In July 2007, The Sydney Morning Herald reported an altercation that took place between professional bodyboarder Mitch Rawlins and a group of several Bra Boys members, including Koby Abberton. Rawlins was allegedly approached by a Bra Boy member and told to "fuck off". It is believed an argument broke out and then turned physical with Rawlins being punched in the head. A spokesman for the Bra Boys confirmed there had been "some sort of small incident" but denied any major violence.[5] Notoriety and violence

Prominent Bra Boys members include rugby league players Reni Maitua, John Sutton, as well as the Abberton brothers, Sunny, Jai, Dakota, and Koby, with the latter being the most notorious of the brothers.[6] Criminal matters

A syndicate with alleged links to members of the Bra Boys were caught smuggling cocaine following interceptions of conversations dating back to 1997. It was alleged that the syndicate was granted security passes to restricted areas within Sydney Airport, by-passing Australian Customs, enabling the prohibited narcotics to be smuggled from Los Angeles by being concealed in on-board catering refuse.[7] In 2005, Jai Abberton was acquitted of the 2003 murder of stand-over man Anthony 'Tony' Hines.[8] However, his brother Koby was handed a suspended nine-month jail sentence after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice in the same matter.[9][10]

In November 2008, Koby Abberton was jailed for three days by a US court after being found guilty of assaulting an off-duty police officer in a fight outside a nightclub in Honolulu, Hawaii.[6]

In November 2009 Jai Abberton was jailed for eight months for breaching a good behaviour bond.[11] General community activism

In late 2002, around 160 members of the gang attending a birthday party at the Coogee-Randwick RSL Club were involved in a brawl with off-duty Waverley police officers leaving a Christmas party on the same premises. News reports numbered the combatants in the incident at around 120, with 30 police officers left injured after the event.[12] In August 2005, the Bra Boys led a 100-person non-violent protest against plans by Randwick Council to introduce parking meters near the local beaches.[13]

In the lead up to the 2005 Cronulla riots in Cronulla, Koby Abberton spoke to The Daily Telegraph about the assault of a lifeguard that sparked the incident, claiming:

"The reason why it's not happening at Maroubra is because of the Bra Boys. Girls go...
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