The Psychology of a Female Gang

Topics: Gang, Crime, Gangster Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: December 8, 2012

Week 7: The Psychology of a Female Gang
Latoya J. Valentine
Everest University
CCJ 4656-1 Gang Activity and Drug Operations – 1

Professor Brad Anders

Instructional Activity
As research and understanding of female gangs is imperfect or lacking, the criminal justice system would benefit by developing new methods for dealing with the increasing number of female gangs. To be effective, law enforcement officials should first acknowledge the existence of female gangs, and then develop better training for police officers to identify the female gang members they come into contact with. Unfortunately, few police departments have developed programs to specifically deal with female gang members (Delaney, 2006). For this week's individual work, please write a 3-4 page paper (not including title and reference pages) that does the following: * Explain female gang members' families and their structures. * Describe female gang members' roles and behavioral expectations within the microcosm of the gang. * You should include concepts discussed in the book including: * Dysfunctional home family.

* Pregnancy.
* Starting one's own family.

Week 7: The Psychology of a Female Gang
The study of female gangs is not complete. This is still a subject that lacks the attention it should have. In a male dominated society, researchers still turn a blind eye to the significance of the role female gang members have on society. The people who have shown an interest have primarily researched Latina gang members. However, female gangsters come in all races. Unfortunately, this assignment will be focused more on the details obtained about the Latina gang member rather than female gangsters in general. Young women join gangs for a number of reasons, Sanctuary from abuse, economic reasons; because their boyfriend is in a gang, the gang life is something they were raised in or simply because of peer...
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