Female Gangs

Topics: Gang, Crime, Organized crime Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Since the evolution of civilization, man has always formed groups, and sects to lead a covered life. As time passed by, the scenario changed, what turned out to be group formation for hunting during the nomadic times led to formation of groups as tribes for waging wars, and eventually in the urban times, now street gangs are formed in mostly developed cities, which are filled with crime and hate towards people other than their own gangs. Gangs all over the world especially in the United States of America, are very often very underlined as a male dominated one, and females that were supposed to be with the gang members, were either their wives of girlfriends, and females who were seen actively involved were supposed to be for sole purposes of sex, and were labeled as “possessions”. Apart from that females in the street gangs were considered to be used as ploys or scouts. However things have changed very drastically now, and the roles of females are much more than what it was supposed to be before. The “catch them young”, motto of gangs have been applied since the beginning of this phenomenon and now the same motto applies to female gang members as young females as who are studying in their Seventh and Eighth grade have taken active participation in gang episodes. There has been a massive change in the role call of females in street gangs, and now no. of females participating in street gangs have raised, which is evident from the following: “The role of girls in gangs is changing - they are younger, tougher, and are just

as violent, sometimes more, than their male counterparts.  More troubling, their children are immersed in the chaos and violence of gangs from birth, passing down the gang legacy to yet another generation.”(Courtesy: Mike Carlie, PhD, Into the Abyss: A personal Journey into the world of Street Gangs. Retrieved on February 9th 2008 from site...
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