The Blind Side

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  • Published : May 6, 2011
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“The Blind Side” is a wonderful movie that touches your heart when watching it. A great real story that forces you to dig deep inside your soul. When I watched it, I was taken by three impressive scenes. The first was a scene in which Sandra Bullock lies on her bed smiling after bringing Mike home with her. It’s a smile of content and of real happiness. It’s that kind of smile we draw on our faces when feeling satisfied and fulfilled with goodness. This is what real happiness is about; it’s not wealth or positions. True happiness is feeling good about yourself. The second scene which is the most to touch the heart is when Sandra prepares a bedroom for Mike to sleep in and takes him to see it. He stands surprised and says: “this is mine? I didn’t have one before, “Sandra replies: “what? A room for yourself?” He says: “No. A bed!!!” It’s so effective and painful. It taught me to appreciate what I have and to thank God everyday for all he blessed me with. Finally, the third scene is a scene in which Sandra is sitting with her rich friends talking about Mike. They tell her that she has changed that boy’s life, and she simply replies with the greatest smile on her face: “No, he changed mine. “ Sometimes we tend to help people and change their lives to better ones, and they end up changing ours deeply. It is an effective movie which, in my opinion, deserves the Oscar.
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