Question of the Blind Side

Topics: Choice, Teaching assistant, High school Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: January 13, 2013

1. What was the school that the Toughy’s who family attended to? 2. What were the two choices of Michael’s UC?
3. Why are the Toughy’s family accused of forcefully making him go to Ole Miss? 4. What is the name of the investigator who arrives at the Touhy home from the NCAA? 5. What was the name of Michaels tutor?

6. How much does Ms.Sue charge for tutoring?
7. When Michaels was reviewing colleges, what offer did the Touhy give him? 8. Who is Michael discussing his college choice with?
9. What team does Karl Roper coach for?
10. What word was used frequently hen describing Michael? 11. What was the problem for Michael when choosing colleges? 12. What college doesn’t make it into Michael’s list? 13. During which month of the year does Michael make his final decision about which college he will attend? 14. What year did Michael Start College?

15. What part about the Touhy’s is the NCAA investigator trying to learn more about? 16. How many siblings does Michael have?
17. Why is it that every white person is interested in him? 18. Which of the following people uses Michael's success to negotiate a new job for himself? 19. What does Leigh steal for the yearbook picture?

20. Who is Steve Wallace playing for?
21. Joe Montana was accepted into the _________.
22. When do the Football rules change?
23. When Michael is at the doctor what grade was Michael’s brain like? 24. What was Michael’s grade when with Miss. Sue?
25. Why was the investigator asked to leave?
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