The Big Bang Theory

Topics: Atom, Universe, Hydrogen Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Task 1
The big bang theory!
The big bang theory was an event that led to the formation of the Universe.

Less than a billionth of a second after the big bang a bubble much smaller than a fraction of an atom forms! It is unimaginably small and unimaginably hot. The temperatures of the universe at that time was 1,000 billion degrees Within this bubble the four known forces of nature gravity, electromagnetism small and weak nuclear forces are combined super force. Gravity suddenly splits from the super force, as the universe expands it cools and somehow fuelling the hyper inflation of the universe. This inflation locks in the uniformity of the universe. The universe is still less than a second old when the super force decays into the separate force of nature. Roughly 3 minutes after the big bang, the temperature of the universe have dropped to 1 billion degrees Fahrenheit, cool enough for atomic nuclei to form. The element hydrogen forms and some hydrogen atoms fuse to create heliums. During the fourth minute of the big bang, reactions took place that locked up the remaining neutrons in helium nuclei. By just over 30 minutes after the big bang, all of the positrons (anti-matter) had annihilated with almost all of the electrons and one in a billion left over - to produce the background radiation, and the temperature had dropped to 300 million degrees Fahrenheit, and the density was only 10% of that of water. At this temperature stable atoms were still not able to form. The interactions between electrons and photons continued for 300,000 years, until the universe had cooled to 6000 k (Kelvin), roughly the temperature of the surface of the Sun, and the photons were becoming too weak to knock electrons off atoms. Over the next 500,000 years the background radiation decoupled, and had no more significant interaction with matter. The Big Bang was in effect over, and the universe left to expand and cool. About 1 million years after the big bang, stars and galaxies...
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