The Best Day of My Life

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Everyday is the best day of my life.Each day is very special to me .I cannot duplicate all the events that have happened on a particular day.Bits of sad and joyous moments make up one”s day for even in one”s thoughts only,these moments can be felt . But what is really in a day?A day is the same yet different with another day.More or less the same but pattern goes but the contents vary.Let me take to my own journey through a typical day.Upon waking up in the morning,it is a delightful routine to talk to God immediately .I thank him for blessing me with a new day in my life again.Imagine if God allowed me to lose my breath over some horrible nightmare while I am asleep or maybe allowed a plane to crash on the roof of our house…..instead, in just a little while at breakfast,I was able to insist that my teenage son should drink his glass of milk and I was still able bto fix my husband”s tie.Yes it is still a busy dayso with hurried hugs and kisses we bid each other good bye.I have noticed that the office is unusually cheerful today.Many cared to say “thank you” and my boss is grinning too.Ah,I remember the deadline for that important company report was met already.Unlike yesterday,it was atrying day at the office hence every office mate I see has a crease of from on his forehead and my boss has gone nuts.But today,well,another day in the office have come and gone and it was a warm office day.The dinner is sumptuous,it took me an hour to prepare.As my family gathers around the table eating,they cannotwait to report what happened during the day.My son exclaimed with joy as he relieves how he kicked the soccer ball right through the goal and my husband prided over how he closed the insurance deal.And me?I just smiled with their victories for the day.That night I again thanked God for the chance of being able to enjoy life.
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