The Best Day

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Debut albums, High school Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Remembering the happiest event is one of the good ways to refresh yourself. One day is still stuck to my mind when I graduated from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia from Business College in 2009. The night before graduation was the worst night. Last semester, I had four classes so I passed all of them except one class I was waiting for the final grade. Also, it was the hardest class in that semester. Consequently, I ran out of patience and I was very worried about it. As result, I was frustrated I could not eat, talk and sleep because I was very preoccupied. Every once a while, I checked my online grade to see if there is any update and checked with my classmates as well. I went to my bed hopefully get some rest and sleep but I could not. I spent all night thinking and watching the well clock. In addition, about every 20 minutes I got off from my bed I did not know where I was going to, then I went back to it. Besides that, the time was moving very slow and I fluctuated on either side while I was lying on bed. Indeed, I made promise to my parents that I will graduate this semester. As result, I had been worried to make it. I wanted to show them how is their son is ambitious and successful. If I do not make my promise might they think I am not serious person. I had the worse night, so I decided to meet my instructor to check out my grade.

Graduation morning, I prepared myself early to meet my instructor. I drove my car to my school but I could not concentrate on drive my mind was very busy. Also, I was very quiet I did not listen to music or radio as usual. As soon as I got there I parked my car and walked to his office in the meantime my heartbeat started beating faster. Once I arrived at his office, I figured out that not the only one was very worried. I met some of my classmates who were waiting for the instructor. We had waited for almost two hours front of his office. During waiting time, we were talking to each other about our grade. Then for no...
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