Best Day

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Throughout life, I have had many best days. The best time in my life changed from being the worst times to the best times. Both ways have become milestones that will be remembered forever. The best day of my life was the day I got my car. This was one of the best days because of the feelings I had when I received was very exciting and different from any other feelings I ever had. Those feelings still exist today each time I think about it. This day was really special to me because it was my birthday too. At the beginning of the day, I was only getting small gifts like candy, a gift card, but, when it was getting closer to the evening; my parents surprised me with a brand new car. Turning 18 and getting the car I always wanted was the best thing that made my day so special. Getting a car on my eighteenth birthday was beyond amazing. Having my car made me feel as free as a bird flying in the sky. Getting my own car made me feel so independent and at the same time it made me responsible in some ways. For example, it made me realize that I will have to find a work to pay off the car I got, earn money for car insurance, etc. Receiving a car is one of the best events that happened in my life and also the most important event I lived through during my growing up process. With my car, I could go to one place or another without having to ask anyone for a ride or waiting for someone to pick me up for hours. Having a car means having a freedom of going anywhere at any time I want. I could go on long drives with my friends and feel the fresh wind when my car windows are down. Busting music out loud is the most fun thing while driving. Over all, I think this is one of those day where I would live over, if I could but I believe all days are best because each day is gifted with surprises so I consider all day of life as the best day because each day has taught me something and made me who I am today.
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