The Benefits of Cohabitation

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  • Published : April 3, 2008
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Cohabitation also called consensual union or de facto marriage; refer to unmarried heterosexual couples living together in an intimate relationship. Until recently, cohabitation as such is not a new phenomenon, there have experienced rapid growth in their cohabitation rates, particularly those in Europe. However, it is often seen as entailing fewer responsibilities at the legal, economic, and even emotional levels, so the author of the article thinks that the disadvantages of cohabitation are more than benefits. Actually, what are the reasons made the author think that? And what are the disadvantages? In the article, it shows the characteristics define the essential boundaries between cohabitation and married, such as age, fertility, stability, social acceptance, and state recognition. In the addition, there are 3 main consequences of cohabitation; there are marital stability, gender equality, and children. In marital equality, the author would intuitively expect marriages preceded by cohabitation to be more stable than those not preceded by cohabitation. However, cohabitation negatively influences the quality and longevity of marriages. People who living together generally have individualistic attitudes that make them less committed to marital union and more likely to seek divorce in response to marital problems. It is because it emphasizes individual needs and demonstrates that there are alternatives to marriage. In gender quality, cohabitation is often perceived as a trial marriage, women may select men who are willing to share domestic work. Although cohabitors profess more liberal gender attitudes, the reality is a different matter. Those children live in a cohabitation household are stresses the importance of understanding the effects. Cohabitating household have fewer economic resources than married household. Moreover, children in cohabitating households are likely to experience family instability because many cohabitation relationships terminate. In my...