Six Thinking Hats

Topics: Marriage, Six Thinking Hats, Coloured hat Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Problem set
Nowadays, more and more people, especially the young, suppose that there is nothing wrong with cohabitation meanwhile becoming men and wife still takes a key role in Vietnam society which, in morals, does not support sexual relationships before marriage. The question is whether cohabitation is the ominous sign of morals and society. REPORT

Blue hat: today, I plan to set a point of view about Cohabitation in Vietnamese students and figure out if Cohabitation goes along with a decline in morals. Let’s take a look at the overview information first. White hat, please provide us your information. White hat: a recent research in Hanoi shows that 6.5% of 691 students surveyed cohabit. Students who are less interactive have the highest percentage of cohabitation. 47.1% cohabiting students think they have permission of parents, 45.1% of those live together over one year. 100% have sexual relations and only 48% have safe sex. 43% abort when getting pregnant and just 36% get married. The relationship ending is over 90%. The reason for cohabitation is to spend more time together, to share the expense, to have sex, to be up to date etc. The indirect reason is because of the sex revolution of 1970s in Western world. Blue hat: Thank you very much. We want to know about Red hat’s opinion. Red hat: I think cohabitation related to sex; and I feel sex is quite ok. Sex is really an important part of life, no sex – people cannot exist. Some people think that marriage is like we buy clothes because we have to try before we decide what we should do next. Blue hat: we all hear your idea. Anyone else want to say?

Yellow hat: I agree with red hat. Sex is kind of exercise and will help you release stress; it also decreases heart diseases. Additionally, living together is the way we can understand each other clearly about habit, character, even imperfection before deciding to marry partner. Black hat: but, sex before marriage can lead to abortion. It is...
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