The Benefits for Downtime for Children

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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The Benefits of Downtime for Children:
Children have many needs, one of them is downtime. Downtime lets children explore their most inner thoughts. It is when children get creative and where they become themselves. Downtime benefits children because it allows them to develop critical thinking, creativity and individualism.

Children begin to think critically during downtime. This is a time of reflection for children. According to Anna Quindlen, downtime is a time when children will begin “contemplation” (152). Moreover, they contemplate more serious subjects. Quindlen states, that “[I]f kids are left alone, they will … stare into the middle distance and consider the meaning of life …” (152). Downtime provides children time to reflect and contemplate which promotes their critical thinking skills. In addition, downtime allows children to be creative. They will learn to use their imagination. Downtime is when children start thinking “outside the box,” Quindlen explains (151). At the same time, they explore new talents. When children are not involved in activities, they aspire to “write poetry, or compose music, or become an actor” (Quindlen 151). During downtime, children become imaginative and resourceful, which allows them to expand their creativity. Finally, children explore their individualism during downtime. It is the time for children to increase their independence. According to Quindlen, it is “Where [people] become [them]selves” (151). Furthermore, downtime stimulates self-development in children. According to Quindlen, downtime is “the making of [our self] as a human being” (151). Children are finding their independence and are developing their personality during downtime; as a result they form their individuality.

Clearly there are many reasons children benefit from downtime: it provides them a chance to develop their critical thinking skills, ignite their creativity and grow their sense of individuality. Children develop their critical thinking...
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