The Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Sally Albright, Yahoo! Contributor Network
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Many people enjoy the convenience of shopping online. You can buy everything you need without having to leave the comfort of home. Most grocery and retail stores have created Web sites that feature their products for sale. But when is online shopping a good deal, and when should it be avoided? Here are some of the benefits of online shopping:

Parents of small children may find online shopping appealing. The kids can feel free to run around the house and create havoc without the worry of annoying fellow customers. Even if your children are well behaved it can still be time consuming getting everyone ready to go to the store. Keeping children out of the store, and even your spouse, in some cases may prove to be money saving as well. You won't have everyone begging you to buy extra grocery items not on your list. Online shopping can sometimes fetch you a great buy. Some stores will advertise specials which can only be obtained by shopping online. For more expensive items like electronics you can typically expect to find online discounts of $50 or more compared to the price in store. Sometimes you may be able to find coupon codes which can be used at an online store to get a percent off the total amount of purchase. You can shop online on your own time. Most stores are not open 24 hours a day/7 days a week, meaning that if you want to shop in their stores, you will have to shop within a limited time frame....
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