The Benefit of Riding a Bicycle

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The benefit of riding a bicycle
There are many advantages to riding a bicycle. Firstly, as we all known, riding a bicycle is good for our health. It is really a kind of good exercise to strengthen our muscles and to decrease the chance to get disease. Almost all muscles will take movement when you are taking a bike. When you keep on riding, it can keep your body fit and strong. Besides, riding a bike is the cheapest way of travelling apart from walking. You don’t need to buy petrol or bus tickets. You don’t need to save much money to buy a bike which brings about 400 Yuan. The only thing you need is to buy a bike. Moreover, riding a bicycle is so convenient. You can go everywhere you want to enjoy the views rarely visited by others, and never worry about the travel jam. You can park it on the road side and relax yourself. In some country, they invent a kind of bicycle which can be puckered into small size and take it into a train. Finally, riding a bicycle is useful for the environment. It makes little noise and no pollution to the air. So, it is environmentally friendly. In conclusion, riding a bicycle has many benefits. It is a healthy, convenient, economical and protects the environment way of vehicle. We should change our life style. Not just drive a car, also try to taking a bicycle. It will bring you a healthy body and much funny time. Erica
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