Topics: Equestrianism, Horse, Driving Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Candace Hazelip
Mr. Doyle
7th English
1 May, 2013
Horseback Riding

Horse riding is not only a game rather, it all about passion and speed. No doubt to argue, horse riding is much better option when compared with other brutal games like rugby and ice skating. This hobby provides an excellent way to go out and see the beautiful nature. Horse riding is also an effective means to provide therapy for people with certain physical disabilities. Horse riding is one of the best ways for exercise with a very low stress rate.

Horse riding is one of the basic ways of travel. In the past, horses were used for fighting and hunting purpose only then with the invention of carriages and tires, these horses were begin to treated as transporters. A number of travelers made use of horses to explore different beautiful locations and resources of planet earth. The horse ride brings people close to nature and this hobby is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful world.

Horseback riding is a very good therapy for any physical ability. The up and down motion on a horses back can help the spinal cord attain to its main position in case of displacement, and a number narrow nerves can be brought back in their original position. Horseback riding is a basic role in providing beneficial services to people who deal with physical disabilities. And horse riding can also stimulate the cardiovascular systems of the human body.

If anyone wants to go out and enjoy nature without polluting the environment, in the absence of noisy machines and insensitive bicycles then horse riding is one of the best options. This form of exercising implements a little stress to the knees and the lower body as compared to swimming and running.

The art of horse care and horseback riding is a great example of interspecies communication. Every nuance of our behavior affects the horse’s behavior. In order to be a good rider, you must cultivate the self-discipline to modulate your own behavior....
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