The Basseri of Iran: Outline

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Basseri of Iran

Chantia Claxton
ANT 101
Instructor Brunette
March 14, 2011
Basseri of Iran

1. The Basseri tribe is pastoralist’s nomads that migrate through steep mountains with animals of South, East and North Shiraz in Fars, South Persia. The Basseri kinship is very banned together through migration and social organization are very important to the tribe. Sickness and healing is important for the nomadic movement. A. Although, the Basseri tribe of Iran are nomadic pastoralists the Basseri tribe travels on a set schedule through agriculture and migration and are banded through kinship, sickness & healing and social organization. II. In the Basseri tribe usually kinship requires a great deal of social order in their living situations. Kinship has a lot to do with social order. A. “Tents are the basic unit of a Basseri household. The head is usually the husband of the family, but can also be the senior male. A woman may only be regarded as head if she is widowed and there are no males present, but in any case, the woman may have a male represent her.” ( p 8). B. Kinship is organized by tents. A husband and wife live in shared tents with usually one to five kids. The tents of the Basseri tribe show social organization in a tribe. C. The kinship in the Basseri tribe goes through extensive migration within their tents which requires a great deal of social organization.

II. The social organization is what keeps the Basseri tribe in order in their living situation.

A. “Tents are units of production consumption, each are represented by its male head. Tent residents hold rights over all movable property including flocks, and they can act as independent for political purposes of more efficient herding these households” (My Lovely Nomads).

B. Tents are the Basseri household living arrangements, as the basseri migrate the tents are movable houses.

C. The Basseri tribe spends...
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