States and Socities of Sub Saharan Africa

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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1.What was the function of the griot in sub-Saharan African culture? The function of the griot in sub-Saharan African Culture was to transfer cultures through oral communication. They were West African professional singers and storytellers that told oral traditions including stories, histories, and epics, they were considered a repository of oral traditions. 2.Why were bananas and camels so significant in early African history? What do they represent? How did they change the way people lived? The introduction to bananas encouraged a fresh migratory surge. The cultivations of bananas increased the food supplies available and allowed the Bantus to expand more rapidly, they provided a nutritious supplement to Bantu diets and enabled them to expand into heavily forested regions where yams and millet didn't grow well. The arrival of camel quickened the pace of communication and transportation across the Sahara. Camels could travel long distance without having to drink water and which made them useful beasts of burden in an arid region. 3.How are kin-based societies structured? How are they organized politically? Kin-based societies are governments throughout the Bantu people through family and kinship groups. Bantu peoples usually settled in villages with populations averaging about one hundred people. Male heads of families constituted a ruling council, which decided public affairs. The best of the family heads became chiefs. These societies focused on ethnic loyalty and negotiated with only two or more villages. 4.Compare and contrast the Kingdom of Kongo with the Kingdom of Ghana. Both Kingdom of Kongo and Kingdom of Ghana were states. The government of Kongo consisted of a king and officials who oversaw affairs and beneath the king and officials were six provinces administered by governors. Chiefs governed the local villages. They were famous for their tight centralized government. The kingdom of Ghana provided gold, ivory, and slaves for traders from North...
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