The Bajaj Auto

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Bajaj Auto
0 Objective (pg no1)
1 Introduction (pg no 1)
2 History (pg no 2)
3 Entry Barriers(pg no 2)
4 SWOT Analysis (pg no 3)
5 Porter’s Analysis (pg no 4)
6 Managerial Style(pg no5)
7 Hierarchy( pg no 6)
8 HR Practices(pg no 7 )
9 Business Stratergies(pg no 8)
9a, Marketing Strategies (pg no 8)
9b, Other Strategic Issues (pg no 10)
10 Cost effective and Environmental strategies (pg no 12)
10a, Conservation of energy (pg no 12)
11 Community leadership programmes (pg no 13)
12 New projects (pgno15)
13 Profits during recession (pg no 17)
14. Performance of the company (pg no 17)
14a, Total Sales (pg no 17)
14b, Financials (pg no 18)
14c, Motorcycle sales, domestic and exports (in numbers) (pg no 18) 14d, Bajaj Auto's exports (in numbers) (pg no 18)
14e, Three-wheeler sales (in numbers) (pg no 19)
14f, Goods carriers (pg no 19)
14g, Three-wheelers (pg no 19)
14f, International Business snapshot (pg no 20)
15 Industrial relations ( pg no 20)
16 Subsidiaries (pg no 21)
17 Spare parts Division (pg no22)
18 Corporate social responsibility activities (pg no 23)
19 Awards Won by Bajaj Auto Ltd. (pg no 25)
20 Research and development (pg no 26)
21 The Future (pg no 27)
22 Recommendations (pg no 29)
23 Learning Acquired (pg no 30)
23 References (pg no 30)
0.Objective: To get the information about the genesis, growth and the performance of the company in the recent past. To study the strategies, policies, hierarchy, managerial style etc. the company adopted which led to it’s success. 1.Introduction:

Bajaj Auto is a major India Automobile manufacturer. It is India's largest and the world's 4th largest two- and three-wheeler maker. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Akurdi and Chakan (near Pune),Waluj and Patnagar in Uttaranchal. Bajaj Auto makes and exports motor scooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. Over the last decade, the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Its product range encompasses scooters and Motorcycles. It’s real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. The company is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is worth more than US$1.5 billion. Bajaj Auto came into existence on November 29, 1945 as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it obtained license from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers and it went public in 1960. In 1970, it rolled out its 100,000th vehicle. In 1977, it managed to produce and sell 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj in Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and sell 500,000 vehicles in a single financial year. In 1995, it rolled out its ten millionth vehicle and produced and sold 1 million vehicles in a year. Pg#2

Founded in 1926, at the height of India's movement for independence from the British, the group has an illustrious history. The integrity, dedication, resourcefulness and determination to succeed which are characteristic of the group today, are often traced back to its birth during those days of relentless devotion to a common cause. Jamnalal Bajaj, founder of the group, was a close confidant and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhiji had adopted him as his son.This close relationship and his deep involvement in the independence movement did not leave Jamnalal Bajaj with much time to spend on his newly launched business venture. His son, Kamalnayan Bajaj, then 27, took over the reins of business in 1942. He too was close to Gandhiji and it was only after Independence in 1947, that he was able to give his full attention to the business. Kamalnayan Bajaj not only consolidated the group, but also diversified into various manufacturing activities. The present Chairman of the group, Rahul Bajaj, took charge...
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