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1. Executive summary in memo format


TO:(The Instructor)
FROM:(The student)
DATE:(Due Date)
RE:(Case Name)

Paragraph 1 – Overview, background of the company and industry

Paragraph 2 – Overview of internal analysis (should be the same as opening paragraph of internal section. Start with the IFEM score and interpretation and include all major factors and any minor ones of particular significance) Summary-no explanations

Paragraph 3 – Overview of external analysis (should be the same as opening paragraph of external section. Start with the EFEM score and interpretation and include all major factors and any minor ones of particular significance) Summary-no explanations

Paragraph 4 – Recommended vision and strategy (start with the I&E plot point and interpret it and identity the potential strategies available, recommending one or more)

Paragraph 5 – Conclusions

o Cover memo should be written last. The memo should be from you to me (the instructor), the date and the RE (reference) – The Case. o It should not exceed two pages and the desired length is one page

The following is a guideline for the writing up your case analysis. It gives guidance and examples of what should be contained in the specific sections. Remember – this is a guideline and not the actual content for each case. You need to think critically and identify appropriate content for each section.

Additionally – this is a guide, there may be times when the categories identified in the Internal and External analysis are not evident in the case. Use your judgment and include those items that are.

Introduction and Overview

Introduction and overview of the company; need to give some history and background information, where the organization is in the organization life cycle – identify and support.

This section should be devoted to giving context to the case and the organization. Who are key employees; how many does the company/organization have; what kind of business is it in; how long has it been in the business; where is it in the organization life cycle (OLC) and what characteristics support that notion; etc. You need to use critical thinking and analysis when considering the OLC – think about the connection of the BCG matrix to the OLC in supporting your position.

Mission, Goals and Current Strategies

Current mission, goals and strategies – this should discuss what the mission is based on the case, what the current strategies are – if they have not been clearly articulated you need to make assumptions.

This section needs to identify the mission. If it is not given you need to develop one that you think would be appropriate given the information. Additionally, you need to look at any culture, norms, politics, and symbolism of the organization in connection to current strategies this will assist in communicating the organization’s culture and strategies. And clearly articulate the goals as they currently exist in the case.

Internal Analysis

You need to have an introductory paragraph to this section. In it, you need to identify what the IFEM score was and what it means (the score interpretation). Use the chart (see last 4 pages of this document)


You can bullet or you need to have separate paragraphs within the management sections that talks about the key factors; identifying whether the factor is a strength or weakness and if it is major or minor. Then you need to support your rating and weighting.

• A major strength is the well trained, educated and knowledgeable CEO. The case indicated that Tom Smith got an MBA from Harvard and had several years of operational experience at XYZ corp before going out on his own. He has continued to stay current in his industry by availing himself of seminars, training and other venues. He takes this new knowledge and incorporates it into his company. This...
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