Marketing Plan for Hong Kong Disneyland

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Pages: 31 (9123 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Chu Hai College of High Education
BBA 311
Marketing Management
Group Project
Table of contents

1.Executive Summary4
2.Company Description5
3.Strategic Focus and Plan6
Non financial goal6
Financial goal7
Core competency and sustainable competitive advantage7 4.Situation Analysis9
Macro environment11
SWOT analysis:15
5.Product Market Focus17
Marketing and product objectives18
Target markets20
Customer value proposition21

6.Marketing Program23
Product Strategy23
Product Line:23
Price Strategy25
Quantity discount:25
Segmentation pricing:25
Promotion strategy26
Television advertisement:26
Disney Movie:27
Distribution strategy27
7.Financial Data and Projection28
8.Implementation Plan33
9.Evaluation and Control34

Executive Summary

The main objective of this report is to provide a strategy that will enable Hong Kong Disneyland to enhance its competitiveness in the Hong Kong market. In this manner, the report provides the issues that affects the performance of Hong Kong Disneyland and provides the perceived solutions to ensure that the company is on track of achieving the goal of being competitive. In order to find a better solution for these issues, analysis of the company, through the use of different marketing tools has been conducted. For example, to analyze the internal environment of Hong Kong Disneyland, SWOT analysis has been used. On one hand, to analyze the external environment of Hong Kong Disneyland and Competitors analysis has been conducted.

Since its grand opening in 2005, HKDL remains focused on steadily growing its business and establishing its brand as the premier vacation, entertainment, and convention resort destination in the region. For the year, total attendance grew 2% versus prior year Loss before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization decreased by 57% to HK$70 million in fiscal 2009. Agreed-upon capital realignment and expansion plan reduced HKDL’s debt substantially, providing for significant attractions and entertainment asset growth as well as putting HKDL on a path for further long-term success.


Company Description

In December 1999, Hong Kong Government entered into an agreement with the Walt Disney Company to build and operate Hong Kong Disneyland at Penny's Bay, Landau. Their purpose is to set up a joint-venture company called Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited. The Hong Kong Disneyland is opening on 12 September, in 2005. It is the first Disney theme park operates in China. It heralds a new era for tourism in Hong Kong and helps Hong Kong reposition itself as a premier destination for family tourists. Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth one in the world. Its area only has 126 hectares that is the smallest Disneyland in the world.

The park consists of four themed lands similar to those found in the other Disneyland parks around the world, while the Hong Kong’s Adventure land is the world largest one among the other parks. The theme park consists of the following themed lands: Adventure land, Fantasyland, Main Street USA and Tomorrow land. These areas feature themed attractions, entertainment, and interactive experiences; restaurants; merchandise shops; and refreshment stand. Additionally, there are daily parades and a nighttime fireworks extravaganza. HKDL has two themed hotels: the 400-room Hong...
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