Tourism in Bangladesh

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Sugandha Compost Fertilizer Company

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Sugandha Compost Fertilizer Company is a partnership organized company. Our business is to produce compost fertilizer. For that we will collect our raw materials from house hold garbage. So it is both product & service at the same time. We have plans to be the pioneer in both fertilizer industry & waste management service in Dhaka City in future.

Table of contents


01. Introduction 04

02. Statement of purpose 05

03. Business description 05

04. Production process 07

05. Market analysis 07

06. Business location 08

07. Management 09

08. Competition 11

09. SWOT analysis 12

10. Current financial records 13

11. Explanation of plans for growth 14

12. Projected profit, loss & operating figures 15

13. Explanation of financing for growth 16

14. Financial Condition 16

15. Summary of business & outlook for the future 18

16. Conclusion 18


Bangladesh is an agricultural country. 85% of the population in here is directly or indirectly related to agriculture. The land of this country is very fertile. The innumerous number of rivers & canals has made the resource of water easier to get. Only lacking we have in terms of agricultural resources is the fertilizers. Our country does not produce enough fertilizers to fulfill the need of it. We have to import a lot of fertilizers from abroad to fulfill this lack. As a result, we are spending a lot of money in purchasing. On the other hand, most of these fertilizers are chemical fertilizers. Companies in Bangladesh are also producing only chemical fertilizers. But chemical fertilizers are harmful for the environment. For using too much of chemical fertilizers, our lands are becoming infertile day by day. When these chemicals are washed away & gone to the rivers & canals, they are polluting the water as well. As a result, the whole environment is getting polluted & people are getting sick for that. For these reasons, environmentalists are suggesting to use more organic fertilizers rather than chemical fertilizers. So we can see that a new market is emerging. We are going to penetrate into this new market & be the pioneer in it.


The main purpose of this business is to create a good market of organic fertilizers in Bangladesh & at the same time, being the pioneer in it. Apart from that, we want to contribute for the betterment of environment as well.


Our plan is to make fertilizers from household garbage. Tons of garbage is creating everyday in Dhaka City. Most of them are kitchen garbage. This has become a matter of concern for environmental issue. These garbage are either getting burnt or getting thrown away to open places or even casted away to the rivers, ponds & other water bodies. As a result, air and water is getting polluted.

We want to use this garbage & make something useful from it. We are going to use this garbage as raw materials & turn them into fertilizers. This is to mention that there is a big demand of fertilizers in...
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