The Awkward Palce

Topics: YouTube, Mass media, Video clip Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Media is an integral part of society that pushes and shows images and information throughout the different part of the world, all in different ways. Different source of media have brought different issues about lives in various ways. Media and its information are oftentimes shown in either a positive or negative light. Today these technological advances have become the source of many types of media. Media is composed of the most powerful tools of communication, which help to encourage the right things during the right time. The importance of the issue of the power of media matters because at some point people believe that, through media young people influence to do bad things. For example, teenagers watch inappropriate images and videos through media. This causes parents to blame the media for bad action taken by those teenagers. And those affected could take down the media, which can be dangerous because that would mean society would lose many positive attributes. As mentioned before, through media’s technology we have many different types of options in the categories of communication, entertainment, and relaxation. The article, “Growing Up Digital” says, “student can improve their grades by media.” In other words, students can research through the internet and can get information faster than looking through a text book. This issue matters for both communication and researching. For example, you can solve homework problems by chatting on Facebook or research a specific topic by searching on Google. The author same article, “Growing up Digital” says “Through media’s technology, people get entertainment.” In other words, not only do the media send messages or helps to educate, it’s also used for entertainment purposes. In the author’s newspaper, “The New York Times” says, Media is using for entertainment such as watching videos on YouTube or movies on television.” Which means, people use television not only for communication like news, it also...
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