Did the Events of 9/11 Influence the Perception of How People View the Hijab?

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Did the events of 9/11 influence the perception of how people view the Hijab? In todays world, the media influences many issues across the world. One of the issues that occurs is the Hijab in both the Western and Islamic worlds. There is many arguments about the hijab, Islam points towards its postive and good points whereas the media can imply it as otherwise. This contradicts the opinions and views that Muslims in the past and today have towards the Hijab. But before we start to investigate on this question, we need to know what the definition of the Hijab is. So what is the Hijab? The literal meaning of a Hijab means a curtain or veil which is best understood when understanding the idea of modesty. One of the forms of the Veil is the curtain which is a sheet of material that partitions both genders, but allowing them to be able to communicate with each other. This means that they are both separated with them being dressed the way they wish because they cannot see one another. The Veil is for both sexes, men and women. It’s most common that women wear the veil (also known as the Hijab) but there is a veil for men also. This is because Allah (swt) prescribed the Hijab for both men and woman.

To be able to answer this question also we need to understand what the term ‘media’ means? The definition of media is the communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes every broadcasting and narrow casting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax and internet and etc. Now knowing the different forms of which media can be represented, one of the main questions arises. Can the media really influence the reality of things? The forms of media are everywhere amongst us, meaning we are constantly surrounded by them. Media can use this as an advantage and then manipulate the truth by making the false truth seem real. Most of the media is biased. Most of the recent stories or articles have come from one point of view, one side of a story, and a conclusion is drawn without looking at the other. There are many other factors that allow the media to manipulate the truth and make viewers or consumers perceive things in a different way.

Why did I decide to research and analyse this question? I decided this question based on because I myself wear a Hijab. When I wear the Hijab, sometimes I get negative reactions, and this pursued me to reach my question. I wanted to know the reason to maybe why the Hijab can be perceived in the wrong way. Many suggest that the recent incidents involving the 9/11 attack was the reason for this negativity and that this event lead the negativity to an up rise. This is why I want to look into and investigate this question, to see whether the negativity and ‘hatred’ towards the Hijab is because of the 9/11 events or whether the Media is responsible for it for the way the 9/11 was portrayed across the world using media.

The Hijab and its Origin.

The Origin of the Hijab is often seen as an islamic symbol but suprisingly the Hijab was introduced long before the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) came to preach about Islam. Wearing a Hijab(also known as Veiling) was commonly used to indicate ones social status. But only the women that did not work in the fields were the ones that could not afford the hijab, therefore Hijabs represented a ‘high’ social status and this indicates that they had a priveliged lifestyle.

However, the tradition of veiling was not until 627 C.E. when the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) introduced this restriction which denotes negativity. This was not for all women in the Ummah (Islamic community) but in fact for his wives in general. This can be connoted from the quote, “Believers, do not enter the Prophet’s house…unless asked. And if you are invited…do not linger. And when you ask something from the Prophet’s wives, do so from...
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