The Audio Engineer

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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A vital part in the making of any professionally made album is the production and post-production process. These processes are the responsibility of audio engineers employed by record labels. The engineers are responsible for the recording, mixing, and mastering of audio tracks. To do this, engineers are trained with various technologies in the fields of multi track recording, outboard gear and digital/analog workstations. With their knowledge and tools, engineers help the artists convey their art as best as possible not only to themselves but also to the demographic they wish to express their art to. The job of the engineer can be best described as a presenter in a techno artistic field. The job requires the technical capabilities and instinct to translate the artist’s ideas into a working production. In order to do this, the engineer must be educated in the Audio Industry with a Bachelors Degree in at least one of many Audio Production courses. The individuals training for this degree must know the fundamentals of proper signal flow, how to work a mixing board, set up microphones, and manipulate outboard equipment that includes time based and dynamic processors. Once the engineer has taken the proper courses for the specific field and has received their commemorative degrees, they can learn more about audio engineering by taking in an internship at a recording studio, music venue, or radio station. A suggestion made by the Audio Engineering Society states that, “students should complete and internship or apprenticeship to gain hands-on experience, which will make them more marketable to potential employers” ( After receiving the hands on experience from internships, the climb to the top of their field starts and soon they begin to take on more important tasks in the studio, which can include becoming a second engineer or even becoming the lead engineer. As an engineer, the skills learned through out the course of ones career can build a high...
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