The Apple Tree

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Ashurt's Two Loves

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Ashurt's Two Loves Essay


Love is no strange to human and human are born to love and to be loved. Our love poet Xuan Dieu used to say, "How can we survive without falling in love with another?" Therefore, no matter when and where we live, love is still beautiful with its myriads of senses ranging from sadness to happiness. Reading the Apple Tree by John Galsworthy, the readers once again have a chance to comprehend and to perceive different senses in the loves, which Ashurt devoted to Megan Davis and to Stella Halliday.

Megan Davis was a country girl who Ashurt met when he and his friend was making way to Charfolk. Right at their first meeting, our Ashurt was attracted by the natural beauty of this girl. "And Ashurt, who saw beauty without wondering how it could take advantage, thought "How pretty!." Slowly, Ashurt could not remove Megan's face out of his head and her face stuck firmly in his memory. Looking at her face gave him pleasure like when he looked at a wild flower or at some pretty sight in the Nature.

Ashurt's love for Megan was presented in several details. One of those details can be his talking with his friend- Carton. When Carton told him that Megan was "a very subtle study psychologically", he seemed to go up the wall, and at that very moment Carton was no more than an ass in his eyes. It is common knowledge that whenever one is in love, his lover must be the most beautiful and perfect in the world. No mistake can be found in that person and even if she has some shortcomings, those shortcomings can become sweet ones. Ashurt here was no exception, to him, Megan was a work of nature. "She was a wild flower. A creature it did you good to look at." Even her simple reply, "yes" can become so "crisp and graceful, so conclusive, and politely acquiescent." It is clear that loving eyes are blind, and this is certainly true to Ashurt. He did realize that Megan's shoes were split and her hands rough, but these things were of no importance, even the fact that she had Celtic blood, to him she was still a lady born, a jewel though probably she could no more than just read and write. Although he knew that Megan was

so simple, so defenseless, and not of his world, he did not care about that, he only knew that all he had to do at that very moment was to become her protector.

Ashurt's love for Megan was much different from all his loves in the past. Never before had he had such a new sensation and a sense of completed manhood like this time. Ashurt was madly in love with Megan.

Stella appeared when Ashurt's love for Megan was still passionate. She was a pretty and sensitive girl who stole the heart of this idealistic man. John Galsworthy did not describe her beauty as much as he did with Megan's beauty, which does not mean that he had little affection for this character. It seemed to me that he was using the same technique, which our Nguyen Du used to do some centuries ago, using the beauty of Megan as a ground to rocket the beauty of Stella.

Since meeting Stella, Ashurt, who was planning a scheme of running away with Megan, always feared that the Hallidays and Stella particularly discovered his plan. "If they knew what was in his mind- if they knew that this very night he had meant! Well, there would be a little sound of disgust, and he would be alone in the cave." Why did John Galsworthy let her hero live in fear like that? Maybe he wanted to tell us that Ashurt's love for Megan was not strong and mature enough.

Stella was not a girl of simplicity like Megan. Her intelligence and charm never made Ashurt feel bored and Ashurt himself found their time together like a pleasurable dream in which...
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