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In 1942. Sir William Beveridge delivered 'The Beveridge Report'. He recommended that the government create a welfare system for the people in Britain to reward them for the sacrifices they made during the war. A welfare state would ensure that every citizen has a minimum standard of welfare for a decent life -- job, home, healthcare.  

In 1942, William Beveridge released a report which was called the “beveridge report”.

This said that the level of poverty in the uk was so severe that the government had to intervene. Beveridge called these issues “the 5 Giants”

Beveridge stated that the government must combat these “5 evils” with a welfare state” that would provide help and support from “cradle to grave”. He argued to the government that to cure these problems they should provide adequate income to people, adequate health care, housing, education and employment. The government listened to Beveridges recommendations and in 1945 when the labour party won the election, the welfare stated was finally created.

2. A long time ago…. The Welfare state began during the second World War. However, the first old age pension was brought into use around 1906 – 10. During the war, the government appointed a committee under Sir William Beveridge – to investigate the problems of social insurance The report said that there were five evil giants facing Britain which had to be destroyed…

3. THE FIVE EVIL GIANTS 1. WANT Many people were living in poverty through no fault of their own because they were sick, widowed or unemployed. This was attacked by the introduction of National Insurance 1945 - 51

The Beveridge Report of 1942 advocated a high level of employment and the creation of a welfare state. The Beveridge Committee was spearheaded by Sir William Beveridge, economist and academic theorist. Its proposals were examined by a committee under Sir Thomas Phillips and accepted by the Committee on Reconstruction Problems headed by Sir William Jowitt.  The major recommendations of the Report were: 

- a comprehensive scheme of Social Insurance including unemployment and sickness benefit, maternity benefit, widow’s benefit and pension, guardian’s allowance, retirement pension and other grants.  - a free National Health Service 

- a system of Children’s Allowances 
- an Industrial Injuries Scheme 
- training schemes for the Unemployed
William Beveridge's 1942 report on Social Insurance and Allied Services was a full scale review of social services in Britain. Its main proposal was a universal social insurance scheme to cover areas such as unemployment benefits and family allowances. This aimed at universal protection from poverty by creating a financial safety net. The report also emphasized the importance of full employment. It was greeted with great enthusiasm, and sold over half a million copies, but the wartime coalition decided only to plan to implement it, rather than carry out its recommendations in full. The report was debated in the House of Commons in February 1943, when James Griffiths led a Labour revolt against government reluctance to implement it. This was important in convincing the electorate that the Labour Party would best create a just society after the war, and prepared the ground for Attlee's surprise victory against Churchill in 1945. Its recommendations formed the foundation of British social and economic policy from 1945 until the advent of Thatcherism in 1979.

A Dictionary of Contemporary World History - Oxford University Press

Want- extreme poverty was the result for many families who couldn’t afford the necessities of everyday life. This was the outcome of ill health and unemployment, which meant household income, was little

Poverty was seen as the key social problem which affected all others. In 1946 the National Insurance Act was passed which extended the Liberal Act of 1911 to include all adults. This provided comprehensive insurance against most eventualities. It provided sickness...
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