The Advertising Council's Earth Share Campaign: Strategy, Execution, and Final Campaign

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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The Advertising Council Earth Share Campaign: Strategy, Execution and Final Campaign

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The Earth Share campaign team is reading itself for a presentation to the Ad Council’s Advisory Committee on Public Issues. MISSION OF ADVISORY COMMITTEE
To help the Ad Council identify and evaluate significant public issues. CRC had a final executive authority on which campaign would receive approval. The advisory committee had suggested a number of environment related issues at its meeting. Ruth Wooden, the president was expecting that the Earth Share campaign would nicely showcase her organization’s efforts. AD COUNCIL BACKGROUND

Ad Council was formulated in 1942 with headquarters in New York city. Its task was to identify a select number of significant public issues and focus public attention on them through advertising and communication programs to mobilize the public and to help promote the necessary actions to address the issues affectively. Ad Council Campaigns were structured as a three way partnership of 1) The sponsors

2) The advertising agencies who developed the creative work on a pro bono basis 3) The media which donated advertising space and time.
Ad council served as the coordinator of these three important constituents. ENVIRONMENTAL FEDERATION OF AMERICA (EFA)
EFA was a nonprofit federation of 40 nonprofit environmental organizations headquartered in Washington, D.C. with eight local chapters. All of them worked for the prevention of human health problems through their efforts to 1) eliminate air, water and toxic pollution 2) for the preservation and conservation of fresh water, marine, and land resources and 3) for the development of educational programs that promoted a sound and balanced use of natural resources. PROPOSAL

A proposal was sent by EFA for major advertising campaign to get individuals and businesses to modify...
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