The Aaah Spa

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The Aahh Spa

Melissa Bailey
Owner/Massage Therapist
7015 Sunset Strip Ave N.W.
North Canton, Ohio 44720
(330) 265-2781

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Company Summary

Products and Services

Market Analysis Summary

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Web Plan Summary

Management Summary

Financial Plan

Executive Summary

The Aahh Spa is aiming to be the place to go for releasing stress and enjoying yourself. Through the services and products, we will quickly gain ground in today's market. We will provide clients with a relaxing and stress free environment that will help rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Products and Services
The Aahh Spa offers a variety of mind and body services and products. We will provide for all people in all walks of life with the great services they deserve from a company. We are devoted to pleasing the customers and having them come back tomorrow.

The Aahh Spa will be located in North Canton. North Canton has become the town that never sleeps. Voted on of the top 100 places to live, shopping, movies and dinner can all be quickly located in a ten minute drive. This location has become the place to live with colleges in the neighborhood and a variety of businesses.

Competitive Edge
The Aahh Spa is unique, with the services we will offer and all of the focus will be on the customers. The employees will be properly trained on how to treat customers and what will keep the customer coming back tomorrow. All customers will leave totally satisfied and come back knowing they will get exactly what they want. Employees will be provided with bonuses to ensure they will do what is required. This will ensure our customers will always be totally satisfied.

The Aahh Spa is a business that will provide services that are not offered in another spa. We have estimated that by the middle or end of the second year, we will see a considerable amount in profit. The Aahh Spa will provide a healthy environment that people will love to come to and reenergize themselves.

The objectives for the Aahh Spa are as follows:
1.) Have profit by the end of the second year.
2.) Have clientele return rate of 90% to 95% by the middle of the second year. 3.) Become an established and respected business in the community. 4.) To expand even further into the best health spa in or around town.

The Aahh Spa will provide a relaxing, calming and healthy environment in which clients will not only see but feel. Helping them to refuel for days to come or just to relax in the moment leaving stress behind. The Aahh Spa will prove to be the place to go, whether it's to escape from stress and relax or just to help you to feel better about yourself. Clients will feel energized throughout their bodies and in their lives.

Keys to Success
1.) Skilled employees that know how to give the "Aahh" sensation to the customer and be able to establish trust with the customers. 2.) Easily located location.
3.) Effective advertising.

Company Summary
The Aahh Spa is a different kind of business. We will offer therapeutic massages, general massages, facials, saunas and many kinds of oils and lotions for everyday use. The ultimate goal of the Aahh Spa is to become a well known health spa that will provide every need to help people succeed in staying healthy or getting healthy.

Company Ownership
The Aahh Spa will be family owned and operated. Owned by myself, Melissa Bailey, and my husband, John Bailey.

Start-up Summary
The following is a summary for the estimated amount needed to cover operational expenses for the next two months. Start-up Funding
Start-up expenses to fund $98,000 Start-up Assests to fund...
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