Greenthumb Wellness Center Spa Business Plan

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Renee B. Estanislao-Cope, RN
Massage, spa, medical clinic on digestive health


1. Business Overview

A.Business evolution / My competencies and qualification

1.finished the one year Manager’s Course, University of the Philippines ISSI – Institute of Small Scale Industries, December 2007 2.regularly attend the annual Spa Association of the Philippines business forum 3.successfully finished the “How to Operate a Spa Business” and “Operating a Resort in the Province” seminars in 8/13 and 8/27/09, Business Coach, Greenhills 4.for national updates and networking – attended and maintains contacts [fellow attendees, organizers, suppliers] – the 1st Philippine Medical Tourism Congress and Expo, 2006 5.have a passion for health and wellbeing – a regular spa goer all over Metro Manila and the provinces [Holie Day Spa in 7Degrees, Daraga; Being Well, Evegate services, FacialPlus & ASEC in Legazpi; Holistic Circle in Megamall, Blue Water Day Spa in QC, Wensha Spa in Manila, and the following home services in Metro Manila: Orange Spa, Dial-a-Massage, Zencia Homespa and Asian Massage] 6.daily practice this passion to my immediate family [husband every retirement hour, dad – post stroke, siblings – relaxation]

B.Company Summary
GREENTOUCH WELLNESS CENTER is a new destination offering customers six eco-chic, comfortable native-inspired treatment rooms and massage in a variety of styles – traditional Swedish massage, Deep Tissue work, Hawaiian Lomilomi. The settings are eco-chic, native-inspired and serene. We cater to both men and women and we have an upscale digestive health medical clinic which would complement our services nicely. •We also offer body scrubs and wraps for a total detoxification treatment. The day spa uses natural homemade ingredients like coffee, chocolate and fruits application that guarantees a fresh supply with very minimal synthetics. •GREENTOUCH WELLNESS CENTER does NOT offer salon services such as facials, nail care, hair cutting, coloring and hot oil. In fact, for location, we prefer being located near Facial Plus and Hikaru hair and nail salon for co-marketing opportunities.

Pacific Mall, where we plan to locate, has a daily traffic count of 900 cars and about 1,000 daily foot traffic count. It is also only one block from a central commuter stop [Legazpi Satellite].

C.Company Ownership

GREENTOUCH WELLNESS CENTER is a Sole Proprietorship owned by RENEE E. COPE. Madame functions as developer and manager for GREENTOUCH WELLNESS CENTER. She has extensive experience in management as she is currently the hospital administrator or the family-owned primary hospital DR. ERLINDA B. ESTANISLAO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Pioduran, Albay.

D.Nature of the business:
Wellness Center - comprehensive medical and wellness care connected to diet, lifestyle, relaxation and rejuvenation to bring about the balance; catering to clients in a well state E.Hours of Operation

*Mall hours: Mondays to Fridays – 10am to 8pm
Saturdays and Sundays – 9am to 8pm
*Last admission of clients at 6:45pm
F.What is inside the spa
Interior décor: mini waterfalls with volcanic stones and clay pottery with bamboo poles as backdrop [promoting Bicolano indigenous materials] •Six native-inspired cubicles with custom-made massage tables [bamboo with foam and donut foam] and banig ottoman each •Three rattan massage chairs with banig ottoman each

One h/c showeroom, one comfort room
One small stockroom for the linens, towels, robes, slippers and oils and applications •One small administrative office
Reception desk with display counter of retail products [candles, soaps, oils] G.Treatment Devices
Massage tables
Body Scrub gloves
Paint brushes for natural formula applications
Mixing tubs for applications...
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