Thermae Bath Spa

Topics: Bath, Somerset, Roman Baths, Water Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: April 10, 2013
In the heart of the city, Thermae Bath Spa is a remarkable combination of ‘old and new’ where historic spa buildings blend with the contemporary design of the New Royal Bath. By day and by night, you can now bathe in Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral-rich waters including the indoor Minerva Bath and the open-air rooftop pool with spectacular views over the city of Bath. Additionally, you can refresh your senses in the aroma steam rooms and choose from over 40 spa treatments and packages.  According to legend, Prince Bladud, who had contracted leprosy, was cured after bathing in the hot muddy waters. In gratitude, Bladud founded the City of Bath around the springs in 863BC.  From the beginning of it’s existence this city was poular by a lot of people, and even members of royal families as Queen Anne and   King James (in 1687). From the 1970s until the restoration of the Spa was completed in 2006, this natural resource went down the drain and ended up in the river Avon. Today, the natural thermal waters feed all four baths at Thermae Bath Spa, the Cross Bath, the Hot Bath, the Minerva Bath and the open-air rooftop pool. The hot springs in Bath, from which the City derives its name, are a wonderful, natural resource which deliver over one million litres of mineral-rich water every day. Uniquely in the UK, the mineral water is hot. The water fell as rain around 10,000 years ago and then sank to a depth of about 2kms below the earth’s surface. Here it is heated by high temperature rocks to an estimated 69˚ C before rising back up through one of the three springs in the centre of the City, namely the Cross Spring, the Hetling Spring or the King’s Spring which supplies the Roman Baths. 

В самом центре города, Thermae Bath Spa представляет собой удивительное сочетание «старого и нового», где историческая курортных зданий сочетаются с современным дизайном новой ванной Royal. Днем и ночью, и теперь вы можете купаться только в теплое естественно Великобритании,...
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